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I was experiencing an awesome manifestation of the peace and presence of God at such an unpeaceful time. All kinds of things were going on around me but there was a peace that surpassed all understanding resonating inside of me. Out of my heart begin to pour these most gracious words.
(Prophetess Tisha Ricks)

Written May 2006

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is likened unto a man who centers his whole being to the culmination of eternal life. Reflecting God in all facets of holiness. Treasures beyond measure that exceed our grasp. Rivers of living water that flow so beautifully and majestic before our King. Filled with splendor an array of heavenly adornment! Placing holiness above every earthly desire. Controlled by the very perfection of mighty mountains that never end. Come away with me beyond the carnality of our earthly existence! Senseless commodities that take our focus. The presence of every spiritual and eternal endowment! Allowing our hearts and minds to be free from of vain, meaningless nothings. While capturing our attention to focus on the serene glistening of our King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! Speechless! In his presence we stand, in awe of His awesome power. While yearning to bow down in adoration of His Divine Countenance. As we breathe we smell the freshness of life with no end. Worship Him in the Beauty of Holiness! Cover Him with your worship! What a Glorious privilege to have Heaven on Earth and to be a part of His Kingdom..


Reference Scriptures:
· 1 Chronicles 16:23-32

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  1. Divine Appointment was the day when my life took a huge 360 degree turn into swiftly tasting the new wine of Father’s beloved daughter Prophetess Tisha and Apostle Cory. At times I am very humbled to experience the face of God in the both of you. Your heart beats to the Father’s heart. His desires have become your desires and together we will plow the path that is set before us. I am blessed above and beyond, to be a part of your lives and watch the hand of our Father move in such a swiftly way. Thank you is not enough for the work that both of you do. Overflow that is all I can say at this moment. We love you.